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2018 Honda HR-V Price, Engine, Design

2018 Honda HR-V is the brightest shining star for the Honda lineup. It is designed to the latest features utilizing the modern technology. All the specs of this model are made to enable the car user to feel more comfortable. In this model, several improvements are expected. First, efficiency will …


2018 Honda CRV Performance, Exterior, News

The 2018 Honda CRV is among the best high performing cars in the market, offering lots of luxury features as well as a massively powerful drivetrain that could easily beat any type of high performance super-cars. The current 2018 Honda CRV model has been around from 2013 and it has …


2018 Honda Odyssey Released and Review

Information about 2018 Honda Odyssey has finally been released. The renowned minivan is anticipated to come with improved aerodynamics, new features, more comfy topographies and a heightened performance level. The model will have a similar baseline to 2017 Acura MDX. The Japanese manufacturers have designed the make with ample interior …


2018 Honda Crosstour Redesigned, News, Price

The 2018 Honda Crosstour is due to make its entrance into the market as a fantastic, elegant, amazing and modern crossover SUV. The vehicle has over time been improved in comparison to its earlier model or predecessors in which the new car model has been made using various latest auto-making …


2018 Honda B Model Price, Review, Engine

Honda has been the world’s biggest motorcycles manufacturer since 1959 and the world’s biggest producer of interior burning motors measured by volume, delivering more than 14 million inner ignition motors every year. They are targeting the dream of new 2018 Honda B Model that is dedicated mostly for Asian markets. …


2018 Honda Accord Changed and Engine

Honda Company is working on the new project of producing the new 2018 Honda Accord. The 2018 model will have lots of upgrades and changes especially for US environment which is the primary market. From the latest rumors, the new Honda Accord will be based on the previous Honda Accord …