2018 Honda HR-V Price, Engine, Design

2018 Honda HR-V is the brightest shining star for the Honda lineup. It is designed to the latest features utilizing the modern technology. All the specs of this model are made to enable the car user to feel more comfortable. In this model, several improvements are expected. First, efficiency will certainly be outstanding. Importantly, this new edition will be presented in 3 trim degrees namely EX-L Navi, LX and EX lover. Certainly it will have improved area space for five adult’s seats.


2018 Honda HR-V Exterior and Interior

2018 Honda HR-V the exterior design of this model is refreshed with different colors to allow the buyer select from the variety. Among the colors presented for this model include Crystal Black Pearl, Deep Ocean Pearl, Mulberry Metallic, Misty Blue Pearl, as well as the Steel Metallic. Green Orchid Pearl and Milano Red will also feature in the market. Wheels for this car come with 17-inches alloy. The hood will be shaped in a distinct manner, and new curves will also be in the model. The 2018 Honda HR-V will have updated aerodynamic panes that will substantially raise beauty in this vehicle.

The most prioritized consideration of this model is safety. The 2018 Honda HR-V has several safety features including: Front airbags and side bags, stability and assist system, powerful brake assists track control and tire monitoring system. Rear camera lane as well as forward collision detection. This version of Honda has expanded mirrors to enhance the better view. These safety features guarantee the passengers that they are safe. The seats in the second row are designed in a flexible way to accommodate passengers as well as luggage. The cabin will also be in a broad range of colors, and a touch screen is also expected to offer efficient navigation for this car. In the driver’s position, all the controls of this crossover are mounted. The leather coating on the interior makes the model look very expensive and luxurious.


2018 Honda HR-V Engine

This 2018 Honda HR-V model has an engine with four cylinders, producing power output (140w) horsepower. The torque is made of 133 lb.-ft. The design offers two different transmissions. The first is a six-speed transmission manually configured and the second, CVT transmission. 2018 Honda HR-V these features increase the power delivery of the car. Since the engine is optimized, fuel consumption will be significantly reduced in comparison to the 2016 model. If the car user operates on a front wheel drive, the overall fuel ratings will be 28mpg. But if he opts to drive on an All-Wheel Drive, the ratings of the fuel will be 27mpg. Customers are saved from massive fuel expenses by this new Honda version. This model has chrome trim, rear window and adjustable rear reflectors. It has an upgraded grille, larger sidewalls, and a cold roof. The door handles are concealed. 2018 Honda HR-V  the crossover has air intakes and chrome line radiators which makes it much sleeker. The entire bumper cover is made of metal in a stylistic way. The headlamps of this model are designed in a way that, they have a teardrop shape. The horizontal arrangement of the headlights will feature in the design. Besides, the back door has been made more convenient to access the trunk.


2018 Honda HR-V Release Date and Price

This 2018 Honda HR-V version will be released in the market late 2017. It is anticipated to come in with a three-year warranty. The estimated cost for the SUV will be $9,000 more than the price of its predecessor.

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