2018 Honda Civic Changes, MPG, Fuel Economy

Honda is working on a new model of Civic which will feature a number of changes compared to the current model. Among other things, the new model will have a new engine. Following are some of the specs for the new 2018 Honda Civic.


2018 Honda Civic Engine

In a bid to comply with the new emission standards, Honda will manufacture the new Civic with a turbo charged engine. Specifically, the current 2.0 L engine will be replaced by a new 1.5 L turbocharged VTEC four-cylinder engine. This engine will use a VTEC variable valve train system with direct injection and turbo-charging technology which will enable it to reach 201 hp and 192 lb-ft of torque. Also, it will feature a hybrid variant; this option will be powered by a two-motor system which will enable an extensive electric driving mode. New 2018 Honda Civic will have one electric motor which will support the wheels while the other will support battery charge.


2018 Honda Civic Changes

The 2018 Honda Civic model will come with a number of exterior changes from the current model. The body has been redesigned to make it more aggressive and outstanding. This look will have a more modern and urban appearance. The front and rear bumpers have been designed with top notch craftsmanship. The 2018 Honda Civic will have new LED lights both on the front and rear. The vehicle will have a more trunk look and stylish near the roof line at the rear end. The corner highlights will be sharp and will be combined with stylishly attached lines that surround the body thereby producing an awesome sporty look. Other exterior features will include a muscular bonnet and a newly designed grille.

On the inside, the manufacture will fit new gadgets to improve safety, comfort and its entertainment offering to attract the youth drivers. The interior comes with a new infotainment system that offers better features than its predecessors. The 2018 Honda Civic will also have a cruise control system, Bluetooth connectivity, a LED screen skewed towards the driver. Additionally, the car will feature a rear view camera, control armrest at the center, iPod connectivity, console display, Pandora and controls on the steering wheel. The seats will be made from quality and soft materials to offer luxury and comfort to passengers. 2018 Honda Civic the car will have an enviable fuel economy. For the city drive, the fuel consumption will be 44mpg and 47mpg for the highway.


2018 Honda Civic Released

The manufacture is set to release the car in April 2017; however, no information has been released about its price. Motor pundits though expect the price to be slightly higher than that of the current model. With the improved fuel economy, interior and exterior features together with the added power muscle; The 2018 Honda Civic is expected to give its competitors such as Toyota Corolla and Nissan Sentra a run for their money.

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