2017 Honda Urban Specs, Engine and Transmission

Market is raising daily, we are all aware of that but customers always wants more. Because of that, Honda is ready to offer them something new, mixture of SUV and minivan in one. That`s going to be new 2017 Honda Urban which will be greatest example of how you can use two models and create one to be perfect in both category. We can`t wait to see him on the streets to see how will customers react on him. First impressions are great and Honda hopes they`re going to become even better. What is sure that you can`t be in the middle, either you`re going to love new 2017 Honda Urban or you won`t, it`s that simple. Take a look.

2017 Honda Urban Front

2017 Honda Urban Body Style Changes, Fresh New Look

Even though Honda announced him as combination between minivan and SUV we can say that he looks more like small-size SUV than on minivan, which is good thing definitely. We can see some really nice lines on new 2017 Honda Urban and that`s what makes him different and unique. With that kind of appearance, we can say that new Urban can easily be called as futuristic vehicle. There will be small changes on this generation of 2017 Honda Urban because Honda will try to make him recognizable. We can see that engineers and designers had hands full of work because some details are really well-designed. For example, front part look really brilliant. With that amazing chrome grille he can really become world`s nicest. Thin and sharp headlights which looks almost connected to the grille, can only make him better. All the lights on new 2017 Honda Urban will receive newly arranged lamps, LED or xenon ones, to help him be more functional than it was before. One more thing which tells us that Honda`s engineers want him to be more functional is that both of his bumpers, as some other details will be made with more carbon fiber usage which will make him lose significant amount of pounds.

2017 Honda Urban Interior

Cabin of new 2017 Honda Urban will be equipped with everything you need and with everything you want. There won`t be some useless functions or buttons on the instrument board inside this small-size SUV and because of that customers will love it. Great thing about him is that his interior will be as functional as the exterior. Honda will try to install some of the newest safety and entertainment functions which will make him suitable for families but for younger generations as well. New seats are added, with better ergonomic support which will do him only good. Great materials will be used to make them complete and great thing about it is that depend on your budget you can choose what type of materials will be used to compete his cabin. We can see that new 2017 Honda Urban will have well-equipped instrument board which will make him functional and easy to control because a lot of functions are getting brand new updates so there won`t be any trouble with them. Great thing about new 2017 Honda Urban is that Honda really knows how to make balance between safety and entertainment functions.

2017 Honda Urban Specs, Engine and Transmission

So far, we couldn`t find any mistake inside or outside new 2017 Honda Urban but we could find one under his hood. At the moment, only one engine is known that it can fit under his hood and we really wouldn`t want to see it with only one type of engine unit. That will be 1.8-liter 4-cylinder unit which can supply new Urban with the power of 138 horses and with torque amount of maximum 127 lb/ft. 6-speed automatic transmission system will be mated to this engine unit and of course, both AWD and FWD modes will be available. Fuel consumption is expected to be reduced but we still don`t have official information`s about it, we expect to see it soon.

2017 Honda Urban Side

2017 Honda Urban Price and Expected Release date

Be sure that you won`t be able to see new 2017 Honda Urban before April 2017 and if you want it, you`ll have to pay around $20k for his starting trim level.

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