2017 Honda Pilot Specs, Review, Style

Honda, as one of the world`s greatest Company must be capable to create a lot of different models and categories, among them family SUVs as well. One of them, new Pilot will appear as one of the finest SUVs from the Honda`s lineup. New 2017 Honda Pilot can appear even before the beginning of 2017 so you`re going to have enough room to decide is this SUV right for you. Take a look and decide can he be exactly what you want and exactly what you need.

2017 Honda Pilot Front

2017 Honda Pilot Review, Platform and Design

Biggest difference on the exterior of new 2017 Honda Pilot he could face with is probably new platform which will be introduced and which will make him available to use more carbon fiber in his chassis which is great to make his performances better than before. This platform will make new Pilot slightly bigger than before. We can see that most of details will remain the way they were before with some upgrades. For example, all of the lights will receive newest LED lamps to make the visibility better while keeping the energy wasting low. We can spot that the grille is slightly redesigned with more chrome details. Everything we can see on new 2017 Honda Pilot seems that Honda wants to drop that boxy style and to make new Pilot look more aggressive than before, according to this latest generation, they`ve made it.

2017 Honda Pilot Interior

As we`ve said, new 2017 Honda Pilot will be slightly bigger than before, because of that, we know that passengers are going to enjoy larger comfort than before which can`t be bad. We can see that the seats are going to be made with new design and you can choose whether you want to give more or less money for it. Based on that, you can choose basic cloth material or premium leather for your seats. Instrument board will be more than well equipped with so many new buttons and functions. Even though we can notice that it is filled with so many new buttons they`re all well-organized so you can handle all of the easily. New 2017 Honda Pilot will have now not one, than two touchscreens on the instrument board and both of them will have its purpose. No doubt that you`ll enjoy his cabin.

2017 Honda Pilot Specs, Engine Modifications

Looking at new 2017 Honda Pilot we know that he`s going to be powered with great engine unit and that he`s going to have great performances to handle. This time, new 2017 Honda Pilot will use 3.5-liter V6 unit with 290 horsepower and 276 lb/ft of torque to handle. 6-speed automatic transmission system will be mated to this engine reducing his fuel consumption to 18/25 mpg city/highway. Knowing Honda, we think that they won`t leave new Pilot with only one engine choice so you should wait little longer to see it and to find out what they`ve to offer.

2017 Honda Pilot Rear

2017 Honda Pilot Price and Expected Date of Arrival

When we take all that he`s equipped with, we think that his starting price or price for the basic trim level of new 2017 Honda Pilot can`t be over $30.000 but for some more equipped, it`s going to go over $40.000 for sure. Release date for new Pilot is rumored about that it can be released at the November of 2016 but to be honest, we`ll say that it`s going to be around January of 2017.

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