2017 Honda Jazz Review, Under the Hood

According to the latest rumors about the news from Honda`s factory, we have heard that they`ll definitely going to release 3rd generation of Jazz as one of their, totally unexpected, most popular models. We still don`t have much information`s about the 2017 Honda Jazz but we are more than sure that Honda will try to use that huge popularity that Jazz still have and continue to give him only the best features to make him one of the finest on the market. Let`s see what he could offer.

2017 Honda Jazz Front

2017 Honda Jazz Review, Cosmetic Changes

As we`ve said, there aren`t that much known information`s about the exterior design of new 2017 Honda Jazz so we can`t really be sure what to expect from it. One is sure, because customers already loved previous version of Jazz we know that Honda won`t make some crucial changes and risk that customers won`t love that new look which Jazz might have. They will definitely try to improve chassis of new Jazz and make with even more lightweight materials than before so we know that he`s going to have better performances. We are still wondering what will really going to be changed on the exterior design of new 2017 Honda Jazz and when we have started digging about that, we`ve find out that all the lights will remain in the same shape and size and that the Honda will try to give him newly designed grille as attempt to make new Jazz look more classier. We know that new Jazz will appear rolling on 15.0-inch set of wheels as before. Most of the details remained the same but we are still thrilled with new 2017 Honda Jazz.

2017 Honda Jazz Interior

Interior design is definitely one thing where new 2017 Honda Jazz could make some progress and with this new generation they will. Now, Jazz`s cabin will look more luxurious and equipped with finer details than before. We`ve find out that there will be more leather than before. We know that Jazz is one cozy and roomy car so there won`t be a trouble for the passengers. Biggest attempt from Honda`s engineers and designers is to make the cabin simpler to use and made with less buttons present on the instrument board. Because of that, we think that new 2017 Honda Jazz will have larger touchscreen present on the middle of the instrument board and he`s probably going to be used as control for almost every function which will be installed in this new Jazz. We are sure that Honda will offer many connection options, Bluetooth and USB for sure but we are still unsure for some of the important functions which should be installed because Honda still haven`t released any information`s about it.

2017 Honda Jazz Engine, Power Expectations

When it comes to the engine compartment of new 2017 Honda Jazz there are still some unknown details because we are still unsure whether Honda will give him totally new engine or old one with some upgrades made. Until we discover something new, we know that basic engine unit for new Jazz will be 1.3-liter petrol powered unit able to supply it with 101 horsepower and to give him torque amount of 100 lb/ft. It is expected to come in pair with 5-speed manual gear box for sure and some recent rumors tells us that even CVT will be offered as transmission system for new Jazz. Low fuel consumption is definitely something that makes customers choose new Jazz and now, it is estimated that new Jazz will use 29/37 mpg city/highway.

2017 Honda Jazz Rear

2017 Honda Jazz Top price, Rumors

Basic price for new 2017 Honda Jazz can`t be over $22k that`s for sure but for some more equipped models it`ll cost more money. Release date is still just a rumor and we think that it could appear at the spring of 2017, probably in the April of 2017.

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