2017 Honda Insight Exterior and Interior

Honda is Company famous by combining some of their most favorite models and turning, for example two of them, into one new model. This time, they`re going to use some details from Accord and they`re going to use them to create new Insight. This new 2017 Honda Insight will use only good details and those which have worked perfectly on Accord. No doubt that new Insight have all it takes to be even better than the Accord and we can really see that Honda have serious plans with new Insight, it`s obvious that they haven`t made it just for one generation.

2017 Honda Insight Front

2017 Honda Insight Exterior and Interior Style, Redesign

This new 2017 Honda Insight can be called as sporty sedan because he isn`t ordinary sedan, it is stronger. Shape of this new Insight is definitely something you can look into and learn from it. His shape will make his aerodynamic abilities through the roof because only that improved shape can easily increase his speed and power, without some additional effort from the engine. To make the engine works even better, Honda will give him larger air extractors on the front part so we have no doubt that new Insight will work easier than before. Headlights are definitely something they haven`t made based on Accord, they are unique. Other than that, they are made with fantastic design which can really help them attract some new customers. Those amazing headlights will use new LED technology which is proved that use less energy than before while it can give better visibility than before. Everything we can see on this new 2017 Honda Insight tells us that Honda really paid attention to the planet environment and that is something all other car Companies could learn from Honda. They`ve manage to make it strong but green in the same time.

2017 Honda Insight Interior

You can expect more than spectacular interior from new 2017 Honda Insight because his engineers and designers are working day and night on it. When you see it, you`re going to be thrilled with it. It`s going to be spacious and cozy and when we take a look on everything inside we can say that he really is one super equipped sporty sedan. All of his 5 passengers (how much can fit inside) can enjoy the ride because seats have new design, the one that can keep you tight even during high speed driving and during some sharp turns. To help you control this hidden beast, Honda will add to new 2017 Honda Insight some new functions, safety first. There will definitely be: cruise control, traction control, parking sensors, rear view camera, blind spot monitoring and many others to make your new 2017 Honda Insight among the best equipped sedans on the market.

2017 Honda Insight Engine and Transmission, Specs

There are just few information`s known about the engine compartment for new 2017 Honda Insight and we ca tell you only the rumors we`ve heard about it. This time, we`ve heard that new Insight can be powered with 1.3-liter unit which can supply this powerful sporty sedan with 130 horsepower. 7-speed automatic transmission will be mated with this engine unit and we know that he`s going to be able to reduce its fuel consumption and made it around 45 mpg combined city/highway. Even though there aren`t some additional information`s about it, we can say that Honda will surely going to offer at least one more engine unit for new Insight.

2017 Honda Insight Rear

2017 Honda Insight Price and Rumors about the Release date

One thing is sure, even though Honda still haven`t released his price and release date officially, he can`t start from under $25.000 and if you want more from him, you have to pay more. Release date of new 2017 Honda Insight is going to be somewhere around spring of 2017, probably in April or after it.

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