2017 Honda Fit Appearance, Specs, Review

According to the Honda`s 2017 year model, they`re starting to turn to the fuel economy models, which will make most of the customers happy because those new models can save money which is main goal for most of the customers in today`s times. New 2017 Honda Fit definitely have the potential to become leader in that affordable category because it have all it takes to be on the top. He`s well designed and he`s arranged to keep most of the customers happy, no matter if he`s chosen by the families or from some younger generations.

2017 Honda FIT EV Front

2017 Honda Fit Appearance, Specs, Review

Even though we`ve said that new 2017 Honda Fit will be well designed you can`t expect from him to best looking car you`ve ever seen. He`ll be decent city car which is made to have great and functional exterior design which focus is on the greatest shape that can provide amazing aerodynamic abilities which can reduce his fuel consumption even more without help from engine. We can`t see some drastic changes on the exterior details to make him extra different from his previous generation. We can see that new 2017 Honda Fit will use newest LED lamps for most of the lights to make the visibility and safety better than it used to be. Grille is slightly restyled and now it is thinner than before. Both of the bumpers are expected to be reinforced with more carbon fiber in them to make overall weight reduced as well. More than enough exterior color options will be offered.

2017 Honda FIT EV Interior

Honda`s engineers and designers did really great job with the exterior, but be sure that they haven`t forgotten the interior as well. Cabin of new 2017 Honda Fit will be really good and you`ll get an impression that you`re inside some luxury sedan because it is well-equipped and it have great functions installed in his infotainment system. New seats design will be great to attract many new customers and we know that they`re going to be made using basic cloth material which will make you perfectly relaxed during the entire road. New 2017 Honda Fit will have some new functions added inside, mostly safety ones while all those for the entertainment will be transferred from the previous generation. Honda still haven`t revealed what new functions will new Fit use but we expect to see some really useful ones.

2017 Honda Fit Engine Unit, Performance

Honda is most mysterious about the engine compartment for new Fit and that`s probably because they`ve arranged new hybrid option to make new Fit move and they still don`t want others to know about that. According to some reliable sources close to the creators of new 2017 Honda Fit that`s true. New 2017 Honda FIT will use 1.4-liter i-DSI unit which will work in pair with electric motor which together can produce 130 horsepower and torque amount of 100 lb/ft. 7-speed automatic transmission system will be mated to this engine to make it even more effective. This time, they`ll reduce fuel consumption even more and now, it`s going to be 30 mpg in the city and 34 mpg at the highway.

2017 Honda FIT EV Rear

2017 Honda Fit Price and Estimated Arrival Date

Starting price for new 2017 Honda Fit will be slightly higher than you could expect it to be because of his hybrid engine which is offered now and if Honda remain to only that one engine option his starting price will remain to be $35.000 and if some other engine will be offered his price will be way lower. Release date of this new Fit will be at the end of the summer 2017 , in September, 2017 probably.

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