2017 Honda Element Engine Modifications, Power

We`ve seen it so many times, Honda is really capable to create family friendly vehicle. One of those is new 2017 Honda Element which will appear to make a lot of SUV and minivan lovers satisfy because we can place him in the middle of that two categories. New generation of Element will definitely going to be different than all other SUV models which will be released in 2017 year lineup.

2017 Honda Element Front

2017 Honda Element Exterior and Interior Changes

We`ve already mention that new 2017 Honda Element will be unique and different than most of others SUVs but he won`t be that much different than his previous generation was. He`s going to remain that boxy look which gave him great popularity with the customers. We can`t really see some drastic changes in the design area of new Element and most of his details will remain the way they were with some updates made to make him extra advanced. We can see that the grille remained the same as before, exactly how this Element should have it. Square-shape headlamps will remain the way they were before with new lamps to use which can help them, and other lights on this car, to receive better visibility and better safety as well. We have heard that new 2017 Honda Element will be made with stronger bumpers than before which tells us that new Element could go little off-road as well. New Element will be produced in so many different exterior color options which can make him extra interesting. For the end, he`s going to arrive on new 15.0-inch probably alloy set of wheels.

2017 Honda Element Interior

Even though Honda haven`t announced that new 2017 Honda Element will be bigger than before, they`ve mentioned that he`s going to appear with more room for the passengers and their luggage inside. Only knowing that will make the customers want him more. Knowing that he`s going to have newly designed seats, with better ergonomic support will make you want him even more. Instrument board will be slightly redesigned with less buttons on it and with larger touchscreen which will be used as control for most of the functions which will be installed. We still don`t have all the information`s about the functions that new 2017 Honda Element can be equipped with but we know some of them, those are: cruise control, parking sensors, rear view camera, hill assistant, blind spot monitoring, Android Auto and Apple CarPlay systems, Bluetooth connection and USB ports, new navigation and audio system and many extras.

2017 Honda Element Engine Modifications, Power

Even though new 2017 Honda Element will be offered with the same engine as his previous generation, because of his lighter body and his improved aerodynamics, he`s going to be stronger than before. Now, 2017 Honda Element will use 2.4-liter unit which can generate 166 horsepower and torque of 218 Nm as maximum. Both 5-speed manual or automatic transmission system can be mated with this engine unit and because of that, and the improved chassis we`ve mentioned, fuel consumption is now estimated to 20/25 mpg city/highway which is small improvement when we compare it with the previous generation.

2017 Honda Element Rear

2017 Honda Element Latest Info, Price, Rumors

You already know that this new 2017 Honda Element can be affordable car and we estimate it to start from $19.000 while some more equipped trim levels could go over that price. Release date will be somewhere around the spring of 2017, maybe in March, 2017.

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