2017 Honda CRZ Engine Modifications, Price

When you think about sport car, Honda`s sport car, first model which will come to your mind is definitely CRZ as brilliant two-seater vehicle. Maybe this CRZ is so popular because it is obvious that Honda have combined some great models and turned into this one. New 2017 Honda CRZ will definitely going to make you happy because he`s equipped with some really nice new details and which is even better, this new CRZ will have slightly better appearance so we are sure that younger generations are going to love this model.

2017 Honda CRZ Front

2017 Honda CRZ Cosmetic Changes, Review

All we have to say about the exterior of new 2017 Honda CRZ is that we are more than pleased with everything Honda have prepared for this amazing sport car. Something that is going to come to your eyes first is definitely his amazing shape and every one of his great curves and lines. With this kind of shape, this amazing shape, you can be sure that he`s going to have brilliant aerodynamic abilities and we`ve heard that only those aerodynamic abilities can raise the speed of new CRZ. Great thing on him are his air diffusers which are made with extra attention and made to really make the engine work easily with better cooling then before. New 2017 Honda CRZ will appear on 19.0-inch aluminum wheels which will be extra effective just for this kind of car. Thin headlights and thin grille are designed with very nice sense for details so his front fascia can really look stunning. When you see that this new CRZ have attached rear wing, you can really know that he`s made to be fast.

2017 Honda CRZ Interior

Inside new 2017 Honda CRZ it`s all about technology and functions. Just take a look on his instrument board which is equipped with one large touchscreen, 10.2-inches, on the middle of it and second which is going to be there as dashboard to make your cabin look futuristic. That LCD dashboard is definitely something you can`t see every day because we don`t know much models which have that kind of dashboard. Nice Alcantara leather wrapped seats can make you feel the speed he`s capable to create while keeping you firmly in position. Great functions will definitely going to be something Honda is proud of for new 2017 Honda CRZ, there`s going to be functions such as: all-around view camera, parking sensors, cruise control, lane changing assist, blind spot monitors and so many new entertainment and connection options.

2017 Honda CRZ Engine Modifications, Top Speed and Mpg

Two engine options are known to be possible for new 2017 Honda CRZ and both of them are great for this car. First, and probably basic engine choice will be 1.5-liter i-DCD which can supply new CRZ with the power of 200 horses and with maximum torque amount of 212 lb/ft. Second and stronger engine for new CRZ will be 2.0-liter VTEC 4-cylidner unit which can easily create 280 horsepower and 310 lb/ft as torque amount. 8-speed automatic transmission system will be mated to the both of these engine options making them extra effective to receive power to every one of four wheels making new 2017 Honda CRZ extra effective sport car.

2017 Honda CRZ Rear

2017 Honda CRZ Latest Info, Rumors, Price

With $22k as his starting price we are even more sure that he`s going to be favorite for the younger generations because it`s quite affordable based on everything he`s equipped with. New 2017 Honda CRZ should appear at the beginning of 2017 but to be sure, we`ll say that he`s going to appear at the February of 2017.

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