2017 Honda Crosstour Price and Release date

According to the information`s which are coming from the Honda`s factory, this upcoming 2017 year market will be interesting, especially theirs 2017 lineup. They`ve prepared so much interesting models which is made just for you and just to make you love Honda even more. Among so much great models we`ve found one very interesting, new 2017 Honda Crosstour which will be created as great mixture between SUV and regular coupe. That can be seen on the first look and you can find that out based on the performances he can create. New Crosstour will definitely going to be popular because he`s more than unique. Take a look and decide can new 2017 Honda Crosstour be your first choice for 2017 year market.

2017 Honda Crosstour Front

2017 Honda Crosstour Exterior and Interior Features

Great thing about the exterior design of new 2017 Honda Crosstour is that on the first look you get the impression what Honda want him to do. It`s obvious that new Crosstour will aim for those customers which wants SUV but not SUV, coupe but not coupe. This new Crosstour is perfect for those kind of customers because it can make different kind of customers happy in the same time. His look is very powerful and he really gives an impression of very strong and mighty vehicle. We can see that Honda really put some extra effort to improve his shape and to make as much as they can from it. More chrome will be used from in the grille to make it extra classy and together with better lamps in the headlights, his front part will look stunning but functional in the same time. New 2017 Honda Crosstour will have great choices of exterior color options so customers will enjoy picking their favorite. We expect to see new Crosstour arriving on new set of 18.0-inch alloy wheels which can make his performances better and it`ll make him look nicer, that`s for sure.

2017 Honda Crosstour Interior

When we take a look inside the cabin of new 2017 Honda Crosstour we can say that Honda won`t let anything pass by theirs attention. We can see that Honda took attention to the even smallest parts of his cabin to make most of the customers happy and pleased. Great thing about the cabin of new 2017 Honda Crosstour is that new seats will be added inside with better lumbar support and with better materials choices. Inside new Crosstour Honda will try to pay special care to the younger generations. They`re going to give him new audio system with more speakers surrounding entire cabin which can create beautiful sound. Together with great soundproof of the entire cabin, it`s going to be even better. All the functions from previous generation will be updated and some new ones are going to be installed to make it even better equipped. We still don`t know all the information`s about the functions aimed for new 2017 Honda Crosstour but Honda`s officials share the details that he`s going to be equipped with way more safety functions than before.

2017 Honda Crosstour Engine Modifications, Specs

We are sure that new 2017 Honda Crosstour will have more than one engine option but at the moment is known to go under the hood of this extra elegant vehicle. That`s going to be 3.5-liter SOHC unit which is capable to produce 278 horsepower and torque amount of 252 lb/ft. 6-speed automatic transmission system will be mated to this engine which can sent the power to every one of four wheels on this new Crosstour. With this kind of transmission system and with this great engine fuel consumption will definitely going to be reduced to make customers love him even more.

2017 Honda Crosstour Rear

2017 Honda Crosstour Price and Release date, Rumors

Staring price and release date for new 2017 Honda Crosstour aren`t yet revealed officially but we can assume it ourselves based on some speculations we`ve heard. According to that, starting price for new Crosstour will be around $28.000 and his release date will be at the beginning of 2017, January probably.

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