2017 Honda Clarity Engine, Review, Specs

Tokyo Motor Show in 2015 was host of so many premiers and among them, there are definitely going to be one Honda`s model which is ready to make a lot of satisfied customers, especially the ones which wants to keep the planet safe. That will be new 2017 Honda Clarity which will be great to save the environment because it`s going to be offered with one really special designed and extra advanced engine. Let`s see if he`s really capable to reach the top.

2017 Honda Clarity Front

2017 Honda Clarity Fresh New Look, latest Info

Exterior design of every car which wants to be functional must be perfect so this new 2017 Honda Clarity really have perfectly functional shape. Every piece is just where it belongs. Together, entire exterior provide amazing aerodynamic abilities which can really set this new Clarity to the sky. There are really some nicely designed details but definitely the ones we love the most are that L shaped headlights which are connected to the fog lights and together, they look awesome. Thin grille with thin air extractors under it will help his front fascia looks even more stunning. One more thing that will tell you how functional new 2017 Honda Clarity can be is newly added tires with larger 18.0-inch alloy wheels on it. Maybe only thing we don`t love on new Clarity is that there aren`t more than 3 exterior color options to choose.

2017 Honda Clarity Interior

First thing we must mention about the interior of new 2017 Honda Clarity is that his designers and engineers really took special care about the passengers and the driver and especially about their safety inside. Because of that, they`ve installed new head-up display which will allow driver to see everything he needs to now right in front of his eyes while keeping his eyes on the road. Brilliant seats design will be even better now, with more lumbar support to provide and with softer materials used which will help the passengers feel comfortable. As addition to the great cabin comes even better and even nicer organized instrument board. We can see that there are now more or less the same buttons number present but they seems to be well organized which will help the passengers control most of the functions easier than before. We can see that touchscreen on the middle of it will be bigger and he`s going to be main detail inside new 2017 Honda Clarity. A lot of newly discovered functions are announced to be installed in new Clarity but Honda still didn`t want to reveal what they could be. So stay with us, we`ll have more information`s very soon.

2017 Honda Clarity Engine Specifications, Transmission

This powerful vehicle must be equipped with amazing engine to make him powerful and different from the others. This new 2017 Honda Clarity will be powered with one amazing engine unit. Unique one really. Honda will really use latest technology to make something really special this time. That engine will have one fuel cell which will use oxygen from the air and other fuel tank in which you`ll put hydrogen and that will be great to create electricity. With this great combination, new 2017 Honda Clarity could go over 400 miles without recharging or filling it with hydrogen.

2017 Honda Clarity Rear

2017 Honda Clarity Price and Estimated Arrival Date

Release date is sure that can`t be before summer of 2017 because he`s still in development phase but starting price for new 2017 Honda Clarity will definitely going to be over $60k.

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