2017 Honda Civic Price, Rumors

Civic is definitely one of the Honda`s most favorite model, there is no doubt in that, but it is hard to make next generation of model which was that popular. Every new generation must be better than before and we expect to see new 2017 Honda Civic appearing with some new details which can attract some new customers and not just faithful ones. New Civic will be made in two basic trim levels, hatchback coupe and sedan version.

2017 Honda Civic Front

2017 Honda Civic Body Style Changes

For start we must tell you one important difference which is made on new 2017 Honda Civic, it won`t be on the exterior and it can`t be seen but you`ll definitely going to notice it. That is that new Civic will be made with front-wheel drive mode for the first time now. Other than that, when it comes to the changes made on the exterior design we can say that there won`t be some crucial changes that can make it totally different from his predecessor. We have heard that there will be those two basic trim levels of new Civic and both of them will have functional exterior with great aerodynamic abilities to make him reduce fuel consumption. What we could find out is that Honda will give him bigger air diffusers to make the engine cool better and to make it work easier. Also, it is more than clear that new 2017 Honda Civic will have all the lights getting upgraded with new LED lamps which are more effective than before. Coupe will definitely be more attractive to the younger generations while sedan will be closer to the families. When it comes to the wheels he`ll be placed on, it`ll 15 or 17.0-inch set of new alloy wheels.

2017 Honda Civic Interior

Interior design is definitely going to be upgraded and nicely designed with more classy details present in the cabin. This new 2017 Honda Civic will definitely going to have new seats added because that is what customers criticized the most with the previous generation. This new Civic will have absolutely brilliant seats with amazing lumbar support. No matter from which material they`ll be made (leather or just basic cloth) it`ll be extra cozy. In some higher trim level they can be heated and ventilated as well so that`s great improvement made from Honda. Instrument board will be simple, definitely something we`ve used to from Honda. Made with fine and soft plastic and with only most useful buttons attached on it. Because of that, we can say that instrument board and entire cabin of new 2017 Honda Civic is more than functional. When we know that all functions will be updated with some new ones added to make it even more functional, there is absolutely no doubt in functionality of new 2017 Honda Civic.

2017 Honda Civic Engine Performance, Specs

So far, only one engine unit is know that it can be under the hood of new 2017 Honda Civic but we still aren`t sure in what version will it be present, in coupe or in sedan version, or in both of them. That engine will be 2.0-liter 4-cylinder Earth Dreams with 210 horsepower in basic trim level while in some higher trim level this engine can be able to supply new Civic with up to 310 horsepower. We`ve already mentioned that new 2017 Honda Civic will use front-wheel drive mode as basic but we know that all-wheel drive mode will be offered as well to make him even more functional.

2017 Honda Civic Rear

2017 Honda Civic Rumors about Price and Release date

Starting price and release date are still question Honda need to answer. Until that happen, we can turn to the rumors and hear what they have to say. This time, only one rumor is going on about his release date and it tells us that new 2017 Honda Civic can`t be released before September of 2017 and that his starting price can`t be under $20.000 which is somewhere in level of his previous generation.

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