2017 Honda Brio Redesign, Engine

There isn`t a thing bad on Honda`s model called Brio and because of that a lot of US customers were interested to see how will he appear on the US streets. Because of that Honda announced that they`re going to release new generation of Brio to appear on the United States market as their attempt to make them available for the small-city cars as well. This new 2017 Honda Brio will definitely going to be one extra popular car because Americans are known by wanting to have everything new and unique so there`s no doubt that this new Brio will be popular on the US soil.

2017 Honda Brio Front

2017 Honda Brio Redesign, Changes, Style

This new 2017 Honda Brio will be almost totally redesigned when we take a look from the outside and it`s going to be made to look as one extra new, futuristic car. His appearance will be amazing because with that great shape and with some really fine details added we can see, there`s no doubt that he`s going to be popular, especially among the younger generations. We can see really nice round shape headlights and great grille which will make him even nicer. With new lines which are added on the hood and some on the sides, it`s going to give him finest appearance ever. New wheels are added but in the same dimensions as before. Taillights on the back are bigger and wider than before as attempt to make new 2017 Honda Brio have better visibility and to make other cars see it easier. He`s going to be positioned closer to the ground which will make him have better aerodynamic abilities which will make his fuel consumption reduced.

2017 Honda Brio Interior

Cabin of new 2017 Honda Brio is definitely more than enough for some small-size city car and you can`t expect to see new 2017 Honda Brio arriving with some extra spacious cabin. Be sure that he isn`t made to go on longer trips with your family, he`s true city car which can be parked anywhere. Even inside this small-size car you can enjoy. For example, he`s going to have restyled instrument board made with more buttons on it but don`t worry, they are well organized so you can handle all of them easily. There will be more safety functions than before, at least that`s what the Honda officials have announced and because we know that this new 2017 Honda Brio will be made for younger generations, we are sure that he`s going to be released with new, better quality audio system which can make your music sound stunning.

2017 Honda Brio Engine, Specs, Performances

You already know that this new 2017 Honda Brio isn`t made to be fast and if you didn`t know that you`re going to when you see his two engine choices. First will be 1.2-liter inline 4-cylinder which is able to deliver 85 horsepower and torque of 90 lb/ft. Second type of engine unit you can choose for new Brio is 1.3-liter which is able to supply it with the power of 98 horses and to give him torque amount of 84 lb/ft. Both of these two choices are petrol powered and according to the latest speculations which are coming from the Honda, we think that they`re going to offer at least one diesel engine unit.

2017 Honda Brio Rear

2017 Honda Brio Latest Info, Rumors about Price, Launch Date

Of course, as every true small-size city car is made to be cheap, affordable and fuel efficient this new 2017 Honda Brio is all of that. His starting price will be around $16.000 which will be amazing for every new customers and especially for that younger generations which still don`t have some large wallets full with money. Release date for new 2017 Honda Brio will be around March of 2017, not before it.

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