2017 Honda Accord Engine Modifications, Review

Japanese companies really have to push the limits if they want to be in the same category with the amazing German and American factories. Because of that, Honda, as one of the representative of Japanese culture, had to produce refreshed generation almost every year. Next in line is new 2017 Honda Accord which will be released in the September of 2016 so we are really close to see if the customers will welcome it the way as they`ve done before. We hope to see new Accord with bright future because world really need good Accord.

2017 Honda Accord Front

2017 Honda Accord Exterior and Interior Design, Specs

Honda in it`s owners have Acura as really one great company with extreme popularity which keeps getting bigger every year so you don`t need to be surprised to see that this new 2017 Honda Accord really looks similar to the Acura`s TLX because customers have used to his shape and style and Honda have all the rights to use that. Because of that, his front part looks totally restyled with new grille, new headlights and restyled bumper as well. Both of the bumpers are restyled now, with more carbon fiber used which will help new Accord drop some pounds as well. Headlights are getting new, sharper shape, grille with new radiator shape, larger air extractors for better cooling of the engine and new fog lights next to it. Everything new 2017 Honda Accord is equipped with tells us that Honda really pay great attention to what customers love. We have heard that new Accord will definitely going to receive new alloy wheels with different dimensions based on what trim level you choose, starting from 16.0-inches to the 19.0-inches.

2017 Honda Accord Interior

Cabin of new 2017 Honda Accord also suffered some minor changes to make it modern as it really deserves to be. With modern cabin and with so many new functions added, new Accord really have the ability to be on the top. As attempt to do that, Honda gave him new seats design with better materials used to create it. Of course, modern times demands different ways of connections, on the first place both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay will be installed in new Accord. Other than that, Honda will try to give this new Accord some really good new safety functions to make it better for the families. For example, there`s going to be: cruise control, forward collision warning, parking sensors, rear view camera and many others, some really useful ones to make new 2017 Honda Accord extra functional car.

2017 Honda Accord Engine Modifications, Top Speed

This new 2017 Honda Accord will have two engine options but basic engine which will be offered will have two different versions, one for basic 2017 Honda Accord and other for its Sport trim level. That basic engine will be 2.5-liter 4-cylinder which will be able to generate 185 hp and 181 ft/lb in basic trim level while in that Sport version he can produce just a bit more, 189 hp and 182 lb/ft of torque. Second and final choice for new Accord will be 3.5-liter V6 turbocharged unit which is able to supply this sedan with 278 horsepower and which is able to give him 252 lb/ft of torque. One transmission will be shared with both of these engine, that`s 6-speed automatic gear box. With this stronger engine, new 2017 Honda Accord will be able to accelerate from 0-60 mph in only 6 seconds flat.

2017 Honda Accord Rear

2017 Honda Accord Price and Release date

$20.000 will be enough to get you basic trim level of new 2017 Honda Accord and it`s going to be available from September of 2016 which is very soon.

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