2017 Acura MDX Engine, Price

With great SUV, there can`t be problem that there will be a lot of sold models, just take a look on what previous generation of Acura`s MDX did. They`ve had great success with it so there is no surprise that there will be new generation of this famous SUV model. New 2017 Acura MDX will definitely going to appear to make a lot of new customers choose exactly this company and exactly this model.

2017 Acura MDX Front

2017 Acura MDX Style, Redesign, Fresh Look

Exterior of new 2017 Acura MDX will be shiny, spectacular and stunning. These three words will be enough to describe everything you`re going to get form new MDX. His exterior will be great from every angle you look at him. Great shape is on the first place. This shape can make new MDX arrive with better performances because now Acura placed it slightly closer to the ground so even though he`s capable for off-road driving, because of that lowered ground you can`t really take him on every terrain you want. But as this is one amazing luxury SUV model we don`t think that there will be a lot of people which will want him to get dirty. So many nicely designed details will be placed on new 2017 Acura MDX but maybe nicest part will be his newly designed Jewel Eye headlights which are made to make you speechless. Triangle-shaped grille, made entirely from chrome is definitely going to attract even more customers to him because it is obvious that it is designed with great attention and with perfect eyes for details. We can`t forget to mention newly shaped taillights which were forgotten in the previous generation but with new 2017 Acura MDX they aren`t.

2017 Acura MDX Interior

Every full-size SUV model must have amazing room for the passengers. This new 2017 Acura MDX will really have more than enough room to make everyone cozy and relaxed with ability to carry as much luggage as they want. This new MDX can easily receive 7 passengers inside and even in the 3rd row of seats adult passengers can easily fit. All the seats are definitely something that new 2017 Acura MDX can be proud of. They are well designed and other than fantastic design, they can be heated and cooled as well as adjusted in more than enough directions. Instrument board will be made using great combination of soft plastic and leather to make it great to touch. Every piece on it will be well organized and designed with perfect attention. Just take a look on two touchscreens on it and you`ll get the idea how great the Acura`s designers and engineers are. For the last we`ve saved the best about new 2017 Acura MDX. His engineers and designers as well as Acura`s officials announced that new MDX will going to aim on title of world`s safest SUV so we are more than sure that it`s going to be equipped with so many new safety functions. We still don`t have information`s what those functions should be but as soon we find out we`ll share it with you. Stay with us.

2017 Acura MDX Engine, Top Speed and Performances

As we`ve expected, there won`t be any changes under the hood of new 2017 Acura MDX. Newest generation of MDX will be powered with the same engine unit as his predecessor was. That is 3.5-liter V6 unit that is able to give him power of 290 horses and decent amount of torque. 6-speed or 7-speed automatic transmission system. It`s up to you to choose what you want to pair with your new MDX. Of course, no matter what type of transmission system you choose, your new 2017 Acura MDX can have it`s power transferred to either front two wheels or on all four ones. Fuel consumption will depend on that. If you drive him on AWD it`ll be 18/27 mpg city/highway and if only FWD is on, it`ll be 20/28 mpg city/highway.

2017 Acura MDX Rear

2017 Acura MDX Price and Expected Release date

Starting price of $42.000 for new 2017 Acura MDX will show you that this is one perfect luxury SUV which needs to be seen. Release date still isn`t precise announced but we think he can`t be offered before spring of 2017.

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